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At Advanced Concussion Solutions, we aim to help you and your young athlete get premium-quality concussion testing. Our experts provide return-to-learn and return-to-play recommendations.

Post-concussion testing and treatment

Following a concussion, symptoms can appear immediately or they can be evident after some hours or at times, days. Post-concussion syndrome is the persistence of residual symptoms for months or years following the injury despite normal results on MRI, CT, and other diagnostic tools.

At Advanced Concussion Solutions, our team of concussion experts is geared up to use the most advanced, state of the art diagnostic tools that are technology-enabled and evidence-based to make the most accurate assessments following an injury. Our accurate and reliable diagnosis aids in designing the best-suited treatment protocols that are individualized to achieve optimal outcomes enabling return-to-play to play or return-to-learn.

We are keenly aware that each individual is unique and design assessment and treatment protocols that are specifically tailored and customized.


Post-injury management starts with assessment and carries on to comprehensive treatment with the steps being:

  • Assessment of concussion using standardized exams, tests, and interviews.
  • Neurocognitive imaging and testing with ImPACT® (Immediate Post concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing), qEEG (quantitative EEG), computerized tomography, MRI,  and other standard balance, vestibular, oculomotor testing.
  • Design of individualized treatment plans based on the above data.

Our state of the art neurocognitive testing comprehensively evaluates concussion using tools such as ImPACT™ to compare the results to the baseline. ImPACT™ conducted at baseline enables our experts to compare them to the post-injury data to arrive at accurate conclusions.


Treatment solutions are expertly designed to optimize recovery and include:

  • Rehabilitation with physical therapy and graded exercise protocols
  • Training exercises for optimizing motor skills, balance, motion sensitivities
  • Vestibular and vision therapy​ to retrain eye and head movements, spatial awareness
  • Neurofeedback
  • Behavioral neuro-optometry
  • Referral for Neurosurgery

The exertion and exercise tolerance specialists at Advanced Concussion Solutions work towards optimizing recovery and rehabilitation with expert-guided graded exercise protocols to include:

  • Testing and tailoring subthreshold exercises based on tolerance and progress
  • Supervised safe protocols to optimize overall fitness and cardiac function through cardiovascular exercise

Education presentations and consultations

At Advanced Concussion Solutions, we care about the individuals and the community on the whole. Our commitment to offering the most comprehensive concussion management solutions extends beyond assessment and treatment. Our objective is to create and raise awareness on concussions within the community so that schools, parents, children, athletes, non-athletes, and communities are armed with the required knowledge to take the best timely decisions.

Our highly qualified team of concussion experts are available for on-site consultations for sports clubs, corporates, community organizations, groups and associations making concussion management easily accessible.

Our detailed education presentations are aimed at guiding athletes, school children and non-athletes towards recognizing the symptoms of concussion and the importance of obtaining the right expert guidance on management. Our presentations for schools enable teachers and other school personnel to incorporate concussions into their professional development.

Our unique practice focuses on not only offering 360 degree assessment and management solutions for the most complex concussion cases but also on timely recognition and action to prevent serious consequences of untreated concussions.

Sideline assessment at sporting events

Our concussion experts are highly experienced in offering sideline assessments at sporting events. On-field assessments can be the major differentiator when it comes to improving outcomes of concussion management. Timely expert assessment on-site resembles a triage and can determine if a concussion has occurred, its seriousness and the need for immediate comprehensive evaluation.

Sideline assessment and detection are the most critical steps in removing an athlete from further harm while optimizing treatment and recovery times.

While our experts use diagnostic tools such as SCAT-5 and other standardized tests on-site, our sideline assessments are also adept at using a multimodal approach to diagnose delayed onset symptoms.

Cognitive rehabilitation

Concussions can often result in brain function impairment and cognitive rehabilitation is the process of relearning the lost skills and is the best solution to optimize and enhance functions. As defined by the World Health Organisation, cognitive impairments can relate to body functions, structures, and limitations in activities of daily living or being able to participate in social events.

Concussion management

Advanced Concussion Solutions is focused on providing the most advanced and comprehensive, evidence-based assessment and treatment protocols for concussion management.

We are committed to helping patients, athletes, and non-athletes regain their lost confidence and get back to their activities, sports or learning in an optimal way.

Our concussion management solutions are also geared towards helping people recognize the causes including falls, vehicle accidents, blunt trauma from non-sporting actions and so on. To this end, our end-to-end concussion management solutions are designed towards creating awareness on recognizing causes, symptoms, and appropriate response.

Our program emphasizes a continuum of care from education and baseline testing to injury management and return-to-play.

We offer the following as part of our complete management of concussion:

  • Baseline testing and post-injury assessments
  • Educational presentations, consultations, and training
  • Post-injury rehabilitation with therapies and treatment protocols
  • Sideline assessments on-field
  • Follow-up consultations

Coordination with out of state providers if your child is in college

We are committed to offering care that goes beyond merely testing and recommending treatment solutions. When your child is in college, it is important that he or she gets the best concussion management in the relevant state. While we complete our assessment and make treatment guidelines, we also ensure coordination with the out of state healthcare providers to align the treatment and follow-up.

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